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Coach Michele

Author/CEO/Public Speaker/Business Coach/Mentor

Coach Michele the face and the business brains of the serial-preneur Williams team. Michele Ellis-Williams is known to many of her YouTube followers as a straight forward, enthusiastic Home Care expert..."Coming to you Live from Atlanta!!!". She has accumulated a fast following due to her exuberance, relatability and entrepreneurial mastery. Michele owns and operates a successful home care agency which generated six-figures within a few months of conception. Michele's desire for success matched with her dedication to her craft is conducive to drawing the best from her clients, which in return...making her a successful Business Coach/Mentor. She was featured in Black Enterprise Magazine highlighting her business excellence as well as several other national publications. Coach Michele continues to inspire, motivate and educate entrepreneurs across the country and around the world.

Coach Rob

Author/CFO/Branding Coach/Mindset Guru

Robert is a student of the universal laws & principles which has developed his mindset for the rigors of entrepreneurship. The skill set soon became instrumental with the consulting firm and gave birth to Coach Rob “The Mindset Guru & Creativity Coach.” The right mindset is essential to fulfillment in life and success in business. Coach Rob has helped hundreds of clients shift their mindset from employee to entrepreneur to CEO and through this process has broken numerous generational curses. The system which Coach Rob teaches has transformed him from a trash man into the co-founder of a million-dollar brand. He believes it's imperative for change to begin internally, so it can be birthed into the physical.

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